Perusahaan kami memberikan jasa-jasa aktivitas export maupun import serta pelayanan logistik lainnya seperti :

  1. Jasa handling custom clearance untuk barang export dan import baik untuk laut maupun udara , untuk FCL, LCL, NVOCC, Breakbulk dan lainnya.
  2. Pengurusan perizinan seperti SNI (standard nasional indonesia), NPIK (nomor pokok importer khusus) dan lainnya.
  3. Jasa konsultasi kepabean, ketentuan barang larangan, tariff dan nilai pabean untuk barang import.
  4. Jasa trucking baik door to door dan door to port.
  5. Asuransi barang,pergudangan dan packing barang pindahan.

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Our team of experienced international transportation specialist work closely with every client to develop and implement the systems that will fulfill their specific shipping needs.

Our Air Freight Service Include :

  • Door-to-Door : From Indonesia to all over the world.We collect our shipment and deliver directly to your consignee (include Customs Clearance) at the final destination.
  • Airport-to-Door : The shipper brings all goods to our dock and we deliver direcly to your consignee (include Custome Clearance) at the final destination.
  • Door-to-Airport : We collect your shipment and will deliver to any custom airport worldwide.We notify consignee upon arrival at the local airport also provide Proof-to-Arrival notification to you.
  • Airport-to-Airport : The shipper brings all goods directly to our dock and we transport the shipment to any custom airport worldwide.We notify local consignee at destination city and provide you with a Proof-of-Arrival notification upon check-in confirmation at destination port.


Whether your Import or Export LCL, FCL, or charter shipments, you can depend on us to provide you with the most comprehensive value-added service in the business.

Our Sea Freight Service Include :

  • Door-to-Door and Port-to-Port service for both Full Container Load Cargo (FCL) and Less Container Load Cargo (LCL), Project Cargo and Heavy lift Cargo.
  • Service Container Haulage for FCL Cargo.
  • Customs Clearance Service.
  • Negotiation of freight with shipping line, (O/F Door to Door / Port to Port)
  • Warehouse and Storage.
  • Flexible solutions designed to meet your unique shipping needs.
  • Storage, Inland Freight, Packing
  • Insurance Service.
  • Dangerous Goods.
  • Container handling including Stuffing, Stripping, Stowage, and Transport.

In Addition, we also provide these following services to our valuable customers.

  • Experienced Personnel
  • Experinced Agents Worldwide
  • Bilingual staff
  • Trailer personalized service
  • Trace and Trucking system
  • Heavy Lift Transportation
  • Heavy Lift Project Cargo

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